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The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work. - Robert T. Kiyosaki

Most people have thousands of friends and followers on social media and not a single friend in real life to cover them when they really need financial, emotional or professional help. Citizens 9 bridges that gap.


Who is Citizens 9?


Citizens 9 is a paid membership community created by a group of experts to help a fixed number of people to find opportunities in Business, Social Access and in life.

Our members connect with one another in sharing business opportunities, social updates, job offers and just about anything - eliminating unfair competition and giving everyone equal opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Citizens 9 mandate is crafted around these nine major services:


Citizens 9 service 1 Trusted Community

To keep our community safe, every application for membership is carefully verified before access is granted to the network.

Citizens 9 is a trusted community



Citizens 9 Join the market place

Citizens 9 service 2 Bustling MarketPlace

There is a bustling marketplace for contracts, supplies, trade and other services within the network. All opportunties are posted by our ground business procurement staff and other members.



Citizens 9 service 3 Security & Emergency

We provide round the clock, year round security and medical emergency services to our members in developing countries where there is no functional emergency system.

Citizens 9 Get Emergency help



Citizens 9 Connect to a gym buddy

Citizens 9 service 4 Health & Fitness

To keep a thriving community with vibrant people, we developed a proprietary model to help our members to keep up with physical fitness while joining a group of specialized experts to help fight common addictions.



Citizens 9 service 5 Legal Services

Our legal team help our members when they require legal expertise. Members have access to some of the best lawyers in the world for civil, criminal, corporate or immigration cases. It's as simple as just calling in.

Citizens 9 Find a Lawyer



Citizens 9 VISA Services

Citizens 9 service 6 VISA Procurement

In some countries, it is difficult to get a VISA to choice destinations in the world. Our VISA team and the power of our community makes it easy for our members to procure VISA's and to see the world.



Citizens 9 service 7 Help & Assistance

Because all fingers are not equal, we also have a peer to peer lending platform where members can lend money to one another, share their homes with one another (homestay) for short visits and also provide professional counseling and advice to one another.

Citizens 9 Peer to Peer Lending



Citizens 9 Premium Status

Citizens 9 service 8 Premium Lifestyle

Our members enjoy prestige services where ever they go. From the hotels they check into and the lounge they visit at the airport to the clubs and casinos they patronize, everything about a Citizens 9 is designed to scream "VIP".



Citizens 9 service 9 Reward Points

We partnered with local business and negotiated a chunk of discount from them and we return that discount back to our members to create a reward system which can be taken advantage of with the Citizens 9 loyalty card.

Citizens9 Rewards



Nine major services. 1 club.

Put all of that together, you get Citizens 9. Members of a private network that offers 9 major services for its member's world over.

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