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The silver membership is designed to give each Silver member 5% cash back on every purchase they make at participating businesses and stores worldwide. Enter a whole new level with a Silver Membership

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Member Benefits
Application Fee $55 Upon application, you will be required to pay this fee when you signup. This fee is used to activate the Silver club member services on your account.
Annual Renewal $30 This is your renewal fee. This fee is due on the 1st of January of every year. It is deducted from your Citizens 9 coin balance. Failure to pay attracts a 5% weekly interest until you pay. Failure to pay by the 3rd month of the year will automatically push your account into a dormant state. Account dormant for up to 3 months will be automatically deleted.
Earn Reward Points
Earn real money everytime you spend your money globally.

Everytime you shop at any Citizen 9 Participating store, business or company - you will receive an instant 5% cashback of whatever amount you spend on participating products or stores - depending on the merchant. You can shop in over 150,000 stores in UAE, United States and Africa.
Access to Business Deals
Join the business trading floor on Mobile & desktop

Level 2
There is an open business forum on the Citizens 9 members page. You can share business opportunities and or view the business opportunities shared by other members. The business services are restricted to Supplies, Contracts, Recommendations etc
Car Towing Services
Get Technical Assistance with your car anywhere
When life happens, you can simply call the private dedicated helpline of Citizens 9 in your city. View Numbers your call will be treated with the utmost priority and a technical crew will be available to help you resolve any issue. In most cases, you will be provided alternative transportation until your vehicle is fully resolved.
Call Center Access to Emergency Services
Police, Ambulance & Towing Van
In any emergency, you can call the Citizens 9 dedicated helpline View Numbers to request for the police, ambulance or for other issues. Once you call the helpline the customer representative will track your location using the embedded feature on your Citizens 9 app and send help immediately.
Health & Fitness Club
Use Citizens 9 Gyms & Partner Gyms (Fee Applies in most cases)
Need to keep fit? Postponing it for sometime in the future? Well not anymore. Signup for the gymbuddy system and access all Citizens 9 gyms and partner gyms in any city.
Job & Career Endorsement
Get endorsed for top jobs through Citizen9 Network
Need a job? Want to change careers? You will be amazed to find the CEO's of some of the top companies in the world in your forum. When you need a job, simply turn on your career icon and you will be offered a job in no time.
Private Loans & Credit
Borrow from others at competitive rates. No approval needed
Need cash? With the integrated peer to peer lending platform, you can borrow money securely from other members without requiring any verification. Get loans as quickly as you need it.
Access to monthly Flash Sale
Join the big spenders to patronize Citizen9 Stores for big rewards
Every Citizens 9 partner store has a monthly Flash sale which offers some of the greatest discounts. Login to buy everything you love at the best rates.
Access Ground Floor Club House
Use all facilities at the Citizen9 Club House groundfloor
The Citizens 9 club house in every city is a posh exclusive VIP lounge open to serve every member of the Citizens 9 community. Your membership grants you access to various sections of the club house.
Join in the Citizen9 GymBuddy Program
Combine your gym buddy membership with your access to Citizens 9 and partner gym to get all the motivation you need to keep fit.
Access to Airport VIP Lounge
Private Citizen9 Lounge at Select Airports
Waiting for flights can be daunting especially when you find yourself in a crowded airport. As an exclusive member of Citizens 9, you can access the Premium Citizens 9 Lounge and enjoy a nice cocktail, network with other members or have a nice hot meal. Depending on the airport you can also use the shower features integrated in the lounge areas in select airports.
Private Loans & Credit
Borrow to others at Competitive rates.
You will be surprised to see how many people are looking for money to borrow. Why not cash in on that to get up to 20% profit on any cash you have lying around. Simply enter the lending room, fund your lending account and watch as the profit begins to roll in.
Access 1st Floor Club House
Use all facilities on the 1st Floor of the Citizen9 Club House
The 1st floor club house has some interesting features which offers a deeper networking platform, an exclusive feel and a lot of complimentary drinks and snacks to while away time with.
Access to Top Legal Assistance
Use Citizen9 lawyers when neccessary
When life happens and you find you need a lawyer. Do this, plead the fifth (Say nothing at all to arresting police officers) and do not resist arrest, dial the Citizens 9 helpline, turn on your location beacon on your app and within 3 - 15hours a team of highly qualified lawyers will assemble to provide you all the help you need.
Airport Lounge Complimentary Drinks
Get free drinks at Select Citizen9 Airport Lounge

Fee Applies
When you walk into any Citizens 9 exclusive airport lounge, you will be greeted with a complimentary drink - wine, juice, champagn, Cognac or water.
Join Alcohol Anonymous Group (AA)
Get free assistance from experts to tackle alcoholism

Fee Applies
Sometimes we need help to fix our selves. If you have an alcohol problem, you are not alone - join the Citizens 9 alcohol anonymous forum to receive all the help you need. If you like you can also start your own AA center and Citizens 9 will list your location and also advertise it freely.
Accomodation SOS
Going to a new town? Need a place to crash? Free Rooms

Fee Applies
If you have not been there, you may not understand. There are times when all you need is a roof over your head. In times like that, you can simply use the "Booking" feature on your app, find the available date and book to stay in one of Citizens 9 private hostels or apartments in any city you are in. (Limited Cities currently supported)
Keep Reward Points for Life
Without an annual renewal your unused points expire

Your reward points require annual servicing and renewal, with this feature, you can keep your reward points for life without using it, servicing it or even login in to the citizens 9 app or website.
Life Insurance Cover
Get an annual life insurance cover

Fee Applies
Take advantage of our limited Life Insurance cover as a Citizens 9 exclusive VIP. We will provide a 1 year full life cover courtesy of our partner insurance companies.
Quit Smoking Club
Join a local AA group dedicated to helping you quit smoking.

Fee Applies
Sometimes all you need is to be in the midst of people who also want to quit smoking as badly as you do. Sometimes getting encouragement from these people can mean the difference between a healthy life style and otherwise. Your membership opens access to join some of the quit smoking groups on a global scale.
VIP Upgrade in Clubs & Lounges
Get complimentary upgrade to VIP or VVIP floor in participating hotels, clubs & lounges

Fee Applies
If you are the type that likes to unwind on the weekend or even on the weekday, then this is for you. Walk into participating lounges, clubs and hotels, present your Citizens 9 card at point of entry - you will be given express admission and in most cases (Depending on your Card/Membership type) you will be upgraded to access the VIP or VVIp facilities of the lounge.
VISA Assistance & Concierge Services
USA, Schengen, Australia & Worldwide

Fee Applies
Planning a trip can be a huge hassle. This exclusive service is designed to help the Citizens 9 member to get travel VISA to any part of the world. Our relationship with consular officers and our global reach sometimes makes a VISA application process to be as simple as mailing us your passport. Call the helpline to get more information or use the "Apply for VISA" feature on the website or mobile app.
Private Citizen9 Parties, Events & Activities
Get unfettered access to all Citizen9 Events globally

Fee Applies
As exclusive VIP's ourselves, we LOVE to party. Join us every month in various Cities to enjoy the excluive VVIP lifestyle of being a Citizens 9 member. Access to Citizens 9 parties, business networking events or social events is only granted to Citizens 9 members with exception of invited guests.
Access 2nd Floor Club House
Use all facilities on the 2nd Floor of the Citizen9 Club House

No Access
The higher the floor goes in the Citizens 9 club house, the more excluive it is. This ffeature allows you to access the more exclusive 2nd floor of the Citizens 9 club house in any city you are in.
Receive Donations for Loss or Life Affairs
Get highlighted to receive assistance for loss or any unforseen situation in life

No Access
Sometimes you cant predict life. The Donation feature is a way that Citizens 9 members stick with each other, when life happens to you, either you lose someone dear, your job or you face some difficulties, you can simply turn on the donation tab to ask for donations. Every member of Citizens 9 is mandated to make a donation to you. Imagine when 1 million people donate $1 to you? Every member can only ask for donations once every 5 years.
Relocating & Moving Assistance
Everything done for you

Fee Applies
Moving can be daunting and so is everything inbetween. Our team of professional movers will handle everything for you. All you need to do is call the helpline or use the moving feature in the app, enter your current address and your new address, choose a date and go to work. Make sure however to return to the new address at the close of work.
VIP Airport Pickup & Dropoff
Get Marhaba services at participating airports worldwide

Fee Applies
Imagine landing from a long flight and struggling to find a taxi or to locate your family in the terminal. Tedious right? Well not anymore. With this feature, a Citizens 9 staff will meet you right at the door of the Airplane and take you through a private immigration channel, then another staff will wait and pick your luggage, while you are already steated in the car enjoying a nice cold drink and planning on your next adventure overseas. (This service is currently available in Africa and UAE airports)
Private Hotel Checkin
Walk into your room from car park on arrival at Participating Hotels

Not Available
How convenient will it be to walk into a hotel and just jump right in bed? As an exclusive member, you can simply use the "Book a Hotel" feature in the app or website, select "Walk in" in "How would you like to checkin", confirm your arrival 24hour prior to your checkin date. Get to the hotel property and a Citizens 9 staff will be at the front door entrance to lead you right into your bedroom jumping all the checkin hassles.
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