Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro this 2019!

The Citizens 9 Challenge will take 500 people up mountain Kilimanjaro this 2019. Do you think you have what it takes to touch the roof of Africa?

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Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania It is known to be an easy mountain to climb because unlike other mountains, you literally only walk (hike) to the top of it. No rock climbing equiptment or special skills required.


β€œThe Citizens 9 2019 Kilimanjaro package covers all you need from start to finish.”

Everything you need from Training, Flight, Hotels and the hike with a Tanzanian government recommended tour guide will be covered by Citizens 9.

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Checklist of What you need to Climb Kilimanjaro

The team at Follow Alice has successfully completed the Mt. Kilimanjaro summit tour for years, view thier video presentation to find out all you need to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro

Checklist for Kilimanjaro
How to Participate


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🏊 Train

Training for altitude and endurance will last for 2 months from the month of May - June 2019

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🚢 Hike

The goal is to reach the top and back in 10 days. Hiking months are through July & October 2019.

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