The Cashback card, Kenya

Citizens 9 loyalty card helps you get up to 10% cashback everytime you shop at participating stores and businesses you love in Kenya and grants you access to exclusive benefits designed to simplify your life.

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What we do for you
We provide a single loyalty card for all businesses you patronize.


Single Loyalty Card

Ditch your endless archive of loyalty cards for multiple businesses. Citizens 9 provides a single loyalty card that rewards you for patronizing the stores and businesses you love.


Cashback and Discounts

Don't wait for a special occassion or promotion to buy everything you love. With Citizens 9 loyalty card, our business partners provide instant cash back and discounts when you patronize them.


Special Benefits

We provide special benefits to our members which includes direct assistance, travel assistance, peer to peer loans, legal assistance and a host of other features to simply your life.

Let Citizens 9 help you define your sense of belonging.

Join today to start saving money everytime you shop at your favourite stores around the world and also gain access to services not available to just anyone.

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Prices quoted in (KES) Shillings. View Prices in $US Dollars, Naira, Cedis

Bronze Card
KES 1,711
Per year
  • 2.5% cashback when you shop at over 2,000 stores & businesses
  • Bronze Benefits
star Best Value
Silver Card
KES 5,534
Per year.
  • 5% cashback when you shop at over 2,000 stores & businesses
  • Silver Benefits
Gold Card
KES 27,667
Per year.
  • 7.5% cashback when you shop at over 2,000 stores & businesses
  • Gold Benefits
Platinum Card
KES 140,847
Per year.
Medical Access Card
Medical Access Card


KES697 per year

Prioritize your health. Gain access to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies when you can't afford it or when there is no insurance. Get treatment immediately. Pay later.

Start getting cashbacks. Start enjoying your life. Start living.

Get the card. Enjoy the benefits.

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